Saturday, September 15, 2012


Welp! Here we are again... I promise I will get better with the blogging updates! At least I will try. :) September is a busy month in our family. Three birthdays to celebrate within 10 days of each other. To make it easy, we combined all birthday celebrations at a nice resort in Scottsdale. We enjoyed Sunday brunch, and relaxed in the pool all day! Such a fun way to celebrate- will have to make this a new family tradition. Happy birthday dad and Ryano!!! I recently celebrated my 28th birthday! I'm such a lucky girl and was spoiled rotten by my two favorite boys! I am currently using my new iPad! Super fun and fancy! I'm so lucky to be so blessed! What a difference a year makes! Dane is currently 11 months and on the verge of walking. I can't believe that he's almost one. This has been the best year of my life, and I imagine it's only going to get better! Life is crazy, oooohy-goooy, loud, and fun... And I wouldn't want it another way! Xoxo-a

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hey! Let's Catch Up!

It's been a bit busy around here, with the start of a new school year. This year, I am teaching first grade which is so fun, because I am able to have a handful of kiddos from my last year's kinder class. Teaching, as I've said before is the perfect job for a mom! I get the summers and intersession breaks off to enjoy my little Daners. I'm more than grateful for our babysitter who watches Dane while I'm at school- it really makes the transition back to work much easier knowing he's in good GREAT hands! We love you Erica!!! Well, this little boy is growing like a little weed! He's eating more and more solid foods, a well as the vegetable and fruit purees. Last week he turned 10 months old! How has this happened?? Soon enough his birthday party will be here! Can't believe it!
He's also on the verge of walking. He's very good with pushing the walker, or being in the middle of the walker to get around. It's coming soon.... and then it's full-on GAME OVER!! Our house is fully baby proofed, and Dane friendly. That's another funny thing that happens after baby.... all of our decorative pieces are not baby friendly, and now in the closet! :) Lets review the last 10 months. Dane, you are the best little boy, and we couldn't imagine our life without you!
Well, that's 10 months in a nutshell. :) Being a mommy is the best, and I'm sure it's only going to get better... until he's a teenager! hahaa! We love you baby! We also just got our backyard landscaping done! We are very happy with the final product, and can't wait for it to cool off to host lots of bbqs!
We are very blessed!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Oh Sweet Nebraska

We recently got home from our trip back to Nebraska to visit Bret's family. We have been blessed to see the mediate family members within the last 9 months, due to our little Mr. arriving, but we were very excited to see the other family and friends. I was nervous about Dane on the flight, but thankfully he did just fine. Here we are being silly on the plane. The toughest part about flying with a 9 month old is keeping him busy in the 12 inch seats. :)
We went over the 4th of July, and stayed about a week. It was so nice to catch up with family, have Dane meet family and friends for the first time, and relax. I have visited Nebraska numerous times with Bret to see the family, but this was the first time in the summer. Boy- Nebraska is so green and beautiful! It looks much better in these summer months than in does in the winter! The weather was hot and humid... I have become used to the heat, being a native from AZ, but the humidity was something hard to get used to. To escape the heat, we did alot of swimming- which Dane loved!
To celebrate the 4th, we swam in the day with Uncle Jesse, Aunt Tami, cousins Jace and Jack. After swimming, we went to Omaha to a friend's house for a BBQ. Thanks to Sara and Blake for inviting us over!
After the 4th, we headed to the farm to spend time with Bret's dad Royce. Royce is growing aronia berries. Aronia berries are up and coming- and are filled with tons of anti-oxidents! The land of the family farm is breath-taking, and I can't wait for Dane to create memories and experiences there, that we can't offer him in Az.
We also had time to take some family pictures. The backdrop couldn't have been more perfect! Thanks Royce for hosting!
What an awesome week! Thank you everyone for showing us a great time! We love and miss you all like crazy! Hope to see you soon! :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

First Family Vay-Cay

It's summer, and we have a baby! Let's go on a family vacation! This year for our first family vacation with Dane we decided to go to La Jolla, Ca, right outside of San Diego. The weather couldn't have been more perfect! Chilly at times, actually. The AZ heat was not missed at all! Dane was a perfect angel in the car, and slept most of the way. Lucky us, right? We made the trip with another family, which made it very special too. We visited the beach... We made it across the HUGE bridge to visit Cornado Island... La Jolla Coves to see the seals and seal lions... Dane thought this place was so peaceful and took a nap. :) We also stopped by on our way out of town to "sea" a US retired Naval Ship. Very interesting, can't believe how those sailors live on those ships for extended periods of time. Very small living quarters! Fun time together and making memories on our first vacation. Babies need lots of stuff to travel with... getting a bit nervous of our trip on a plane later this summer to Nebraska. :) Happy Summer!

Summer Lovin'

Let me start by saying that I LOVE my job! Teaching is so fun, and a different adventure every day! I'm at the best school, and I am thankful everyday! Plus 6 year olds are hilarious, and you never know what they will say!! With that being said... IT'S SUMMERTIME, and my time to be a 'stay at home mama'!! I have been waiting for this probably since I went back to work after Daner was born. The transition was rough, but I got through. :) My district is on a modified year round schedule, so our summers are short, and jam packed! I enrolled us in 'mommy and me' swim lessons. We have had a blast together in the pool together! My little fish loves the water! These little moments are so precious, and I am very grateful that I have a job that allows me to have the best of both worlds- mommy and workin' woman. :)