Thursday, September 1, 2016

Say Hi to Ty!

Well this is a little embarrassing that I'm over 4 years behind, whoops! We've had an amazing 4 years! Lets start with our biggest blessing, our newest little guy Ty!
Our sweet little boy completed our family on November 6th, 2014. Time flies, right? Can't believe this little snack monster is going to be 2 this Fall! He loves his Bubble Guppies, cars, footballs, and playing with his brother. He has a kind little spirit and a contagious little laugh. Ty is a spitting image of his Daddy and brother! Looking back through my past blog entries, I spoke about being a teacher and having to drop Dane off at the sitter during the day, this time around, I'm more than blessed to be a WFHM, {Work From Home Mom}. I'm able to be home with the boys day in and day out, exactly what I ideally wanted!
What the what!!!!! It's been a HOT MINUTE!!! It's time for a revamp, and to start this bad boy up again!! Stay tuned!!