Monday, February 20, 2012

It's starting to get busy around here...

Geez, our 'boring', non-busy life, is really starting to speed up! It seems like this past week had a lot of stuff in it, and I really didn't realize how busy we really were, until I sat here, trying to figure out what I am going to write and share about. I'm a kindergarten teacher, and I think of blogging as an adult form of show and tell. hah!

On Monday, we took Dane for his 4 month well visit. He's doing great, and obviously a happy, healthy boy. He's in the 75th percentile for weight, 50th for head circumference, (what a melon), and 50th for height. We have a big boy on our hands! He's weighing in at 16.9 pounds! At 4 months, is also due for another round of killer shots, 5 to be exact. I will never forget the face he gave us when he was receiving the shots, as if to say, "Help mom, don't just stand there... DO SOMETHING!" Ugh! Breaks my little heart... but gotta keep him healthy.

The next day was Valentine's Day! We are not huge Valentine's day people, but it was fun dressing Dane up for the occasion. We do have a tradition of ordering a heart shaped pizza and having that for dinner. It's cute, and fun. We exchanged cards, and Bret surprised me with a massage gift card. What a guy! I think we don't make a big deal about Valentine's Day, because we try to acknowledge our love and realationship often. It sounds cheesy, I know, but it's important to let people know that you love them. Even if you KNOW they KNOW, it's good to remind! We often leave post-its for eachother on the bathroom mirror writing a reason that we love eachother. Seriously, I KNOW it's cheesy, but try it.. a easy, quick gesture can really make one's day.

The weekend brought some great visitors to the valley! Sarah and Tim, Bret's sister and brother in law made the drive from the Denver area to spend time with us and Dane. It was so awesome getting to spend time with them. We are extremely grateful for them to make the 10 hour drive, EACH WAY! It's official! Dane loves his Aunt Sarah and Uncle Tim!

As an activity while they were in town, we took them to the University of Phoenix, Cardinals football stadium for a tour. It was pretty cool to see the 'ins and outs' of the stadium.
Messing around in the visitor's locker room. Bret is next to the locker that Eli Manning used when they won the Super Bowl here in AZ a few years back. Man! He's in heaven!

The next big adventure on our week was our dear friend's Dan and Erin's Baby Gender Party. This was so cool.. they hired an ultrasound tech to come to their house, to show an ultrasound in their big screen, so we could all find out their baby's gender together. It was so awesome being apart on another huge milestone in their life!
For all you AZ folks, the company is called 'WombMates'. They are awesome! We did something similar with Dane, but did it later in the pregnancy to see his chubby little cheeks! I thought it was a great idea for a 'gender reveal' party!
By the way, we are excited to welcome a BABY GIRL for Erin and Dan! Can't wait to be an auntie! I want to spoil her already!

Bret's cousin Lori and her husband were also in town this weekend, and we were able to sneek him away from his conference to meet us for lunch. It's always good to see them, and love when they pop in the valley!

Whew! What a busy week! Also, throw in an ear infection, and a couple sleepless nights... I may need a vacation!
But we are thankful for every moment!
-Amber <3

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Super Fun, Super Exciting, SUPER BOWL!!!!!

Well, you knew this post was coming! :)
Obviously with us being HUGE Giants fans, we were so excited for the big game! :) Bret was pacing around the house all day... had to keep reminding him that he wasn't actually PLAYING in the game. haha! Boys are sooo silly sometimes!
The excitement actually started the day before the game, when Bret decided he would let the neighborhood know exactly who we were rooting for...

The day of the big game, I headed to the gym with my friend Dyan to do a spin class.. I figured it would be good planning to get some calories out, before I took massive amounts of calories in! I wore a Giants shirt to the gym and got heckeled from the instructor the entire class. He was from the New England area- figured. It was all in good fun!
My parents came by to 'tailgate' with us and Dane before kickoff.
For the game we were invited to our neighbors house (who are also Giants fans) to join their party.
Such a great day with Giants fans and new friends. Thanks to Ari, Megan and Brody for letting us crash your party! I'm guessing it won't be the last time we will be watching the Giants together! :)
This was a huge win for the Giants- SUPER BOWL champs, but also very special for Dane's first Super Bowl be a Giant win!
Write this down in the baby book!

What a fun, crazy, loud day... Very exhausting!