Saturday, February 11, 2012

Super Fun, Super Exciting, SUPER BOWL!!!!!

Well, you knew this post was coming! :)
Obviously with us being HUGE Giants fans, we were so excited for the big game! :) Bret was pacing around the house all day... had to keep reminding him that he wasn't actually PLAYING in the game. haha! Boys are sooo silly sometimes!
The excitement actually started the day before the game, when Bret decided he would let the neighborhood know exactly who we were rooting for...

The day of the big game, I headed to the gym with my friend Dyan to do a spin class.. I figured it would be good planning to get some calories out, before I took massive amounts of calories in! I wore a Giants shirt to the gym and got heckeled from the instructor the entire class. He was from the New England area- figured. It was all in good fun!
My parents came by to 'tailgate' with us and Dane before kickoff.
For the game we were invited to our neighbors house (who are also Giants fans) to join their party.
Such a great day with Giants fans and new friends. Thanks to Ari, Megan and Brody for letting us crash your party! I'm guessing it won't be the last time we will be watching the Giants together! :)
This was a huge win for the Giants- SUPER BOWL champs, but also very special for Dane's first Super Bowl be a Giant win!
Write this down in the baby book!

What a fun, crazy, loud day... Very exhausting!

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