Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Burst of Color

As a little background of today's post, a couple years ago, my friend Erin talked me into running with her to get ready to do the Tucson 1/2 marathon (13.1 miles), as well as the PF Chang's 1/2 marathon. Erin is an avid runner, and she wanted me to join in the fun... grrr... :) (how nice of her, right?) ha!
Well... fast forward two years, and now Erin and I are both married, I have Dane and she and Dan have a baby on the way as well! Before the baby came, she wanted to get one more race in. So, we chose one that uses the term 'race' VERY lightly!

Today was the 'Color Run', a 5k, 3.1 miles I believe, in Tempe. Every half mile, the participants will get 'showered' in different colored powder. The only 'rule' of the race is that you had to wear a white shirt! By the end, everyone is a mess, and it seemed like a fun 'race' for the whole family.
So, Erin and I talked other friends into joining us for the fun day out! Here we are...ready to start! All white!! This is also Dane's first 'race'! :)

First section... YELLOW!!

Here Comes Green!


Last but not least pink.. Event coordinators ran out of pink powder, but this lady had a very creative way to get some! Powder Angels!

Bret proved, yet again he's such a great dad by keeping Dane warm, safe, and 'out of the line of fire'. :) There's not a day that goes by that I don't realize how thankful I am to have not only a great husband but a great daddy for my little boy.

After the run, participants were given their own powder to throw into the air for a burst of color cloud effect. This picture doesn't do it justice.... it was pretty sweet in person!

A few 'after' shots... Fun times!

Just to compare... Before and After!

In conclusion, today was an amazing day! But it wasn't the race that made it so great.... It was spending time with my favorite people including my favorite little boy, husband and great friends!

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  1. so fun! I really wanted to do that but I was too scared haha. I hate running! Maybe next year.:)