Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pat's Run

Pat's Run is a annual run here in Arizona (not sure if they have it in other cities too) to commemorate the late Pat Tillman- an American Hero. If you don't know, Pat was a Star football player on ASU's team, and then got drafted to play in the NFL for the AZ Cardinals. He played for a year on the Cardinals, and gave it all up to serve our country in the military. Sadly, he was killed in Afganistan. The legacy of Pat Tillman will never be forgotten, as we are reminded of his bravery and strength. This is our first time participating in Pat's Run, and will make it a family tradition. It was a (hot) Saturday morning, but there's no place I would have rather been! We made it a family event, bringing Dane along with us! We are sooo lucky that we have such a good baby that we can take places, and be out for long periods of time.
In all the crowd of 24,000 people, we managed to find and walk the event with my dad, brother Ryan, and his girlfriend Rachel.
Thanks to (Coach) Dyan for organizing our team and making us all get up early on a Saturday morning!
Yay! We made it!! All 4.2 miles. :) (I wasn't worried!)

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