Thursday, June 14, 2012

First Family Vay-Cay

It's summer, and we have a baby! Let's go on a family vacation! This year for our first family vacation with Dane we decided to go to La Jolla, Ca, right outside of San Diego. The weather couldn't have been more perfect! Chilly at times, actually. The AZ heat was not missed at all! Dane was a perfect angel in the car, and slept most of the way. Lucky us, right? We made the trip with another family, which made it very special too. We visited the beach... We made it across the HUGE bridge to visit Cornado Island... La Jolla Coves to see the seals and seal lions... Dane thought this place was so peaceful and took a nap. :) We also stopped by on our way out of town to "sea" a US retired Naval Ship. Very interesting, can't believe how those sailors live on those ships for extended periods of time. Very small living quarters! Fun time together and making memories on our first vacation. Babies need lots of stuff to travel with... getting a bit nervous of our trip on a plane later this summer to Nebraska. :) Happy Summer!

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