Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mommy and Daddy Time

Some say that one of the tricks of successful parenting is to stay connected to your spouse and enjoy eachothers company the way you did before child. We are trying to stay 'us', but still manage to be mommy and daddy at the same time. :)
In the past year, we have become close friends with Dyan and Carlos. They moved here from New Mexico about a year and a half ago. We met them from my school. Dyan and Carlos both share December birthdays. For their birthday this year, we decided to get a babysitter, and hit the town with them! My brother Ryan was gracious enough to give up a Friday night to hang with our little Dane. (Thanks Ryan! Greatest Uncle in the WORLD!)

Here's the birthday couple! We had such a great time hanging with our friends! It's nice to get out, a bit dressed up, and enjoy eachother's company.

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