Monday, December 19, 2011

Pulling off the bandaid

Well, I am officially back to work! As I was excited to get 'back into society' and interact with adults, I was very worried about being away from my babe. We've had times that we were apart, but the longest has been 3 hours... didn't know how I was going to deal with being gone for 8. My first day back to work was Friday, and Bret took off the day to be with him.. so that was a piece of cake! (Although I did text Bret frequently during the day, asking him to send me pictures of what they were doing. haha, What would we do without Smartphones?) But today was my first day actually dropping him off at the sitter. With tears streaming down my face on the ride over, I just kept telling myself that he will be just fine! Once I walked in to my sitter, Erica's house, which is convienently located directly across the street from my school, I instantanously felt a sense of relief. She is so welcoming, and I knew that he was in great hands! I am so thankful that my good friend/co-worker Krista, got me in contact with her. It's literally

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