Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Little Sleeping Angel

It seems like the two questions that people ask you after baby...

"Is is sleeping through the night?"
"Have you lost your pregnancy weight yet?"

So far, both answers have been no.... But something miracleous has happened... Dane has started to sleep 7-8 hours!! Holy 'MOLE! The first night it happened, I litterally woke up at 2:30, (his usual feeding time), and checked to make sure he was breathing! He was, so I went back to sleep. As of today, we've had 4 consecutive nights of at least 7 hours of sleep. Wa-hoo! My angel is so good to me, he must know that I am going back to work soon. :) I'm so proud of little Dane and being able to sleep that long. Not bad for just 9 weeks!

So hopefully we have got the sleeping situation under control, I will keep working on the pregnacy weight! The holidays are not a time to try to lose! :)

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